Intel launches 10nm Celeron and Pentium Silver chips for inexpensive, low-power laptops

Intel is refreshing its Celeron and Pentium Silver line of chips for low-cost, low-power notebooks designed for the education market and beyond. The new Intel “Jasper Lake” processors are the first members of their respective families to feature 10nm Tremont architecture and Intel is promising a significant boost in performance for inexpensive Windows laptops and […]

Intel Jasper Lake processor lineup leaked (next-gen Atom)

Intel plans to update its line of low-cost, low-power chips for entry-level laptop and mini-desktop computers early next year. While official details haven’t been released yet, FanlessTech has obtained specs for Intel’s upcoming Jasper Lake processor lineup. The new chips are follow-ups to the Gemini Lake Refresh processors released in late 2019, and they feature Intel’s […]

Intel’s next-gen Celeron and Pentium chips for budget devices could be way more powerful

Intel has been offering cheap, low-power processors for entry-level laptops since the company unveiled the first Atom chip for netbooks way back in 2008. The company doesn’t use the Atom name any more, but entry-level Celeron and Pentium Silver chips in the company’s Gemini Lake line use Atom-based architecture while higher-performance Pentium Gold processors are […]

Intel launches low-power Gemini Lake chips (with Pentium Silver and Celeron models)

Intel’s first chips based on the company’s new Gemini Lake architecture are here. The company is launching three new low-cost, low-power processors aimed at desktops and three aimed at notebooks. These are the successors to Intel’s Apollo Lake processors, which first hit the streets last year, and the new models are expected to offer a […]

Intel is bringing Core i9 chips to laptops (and other leaked details about upcoming 8th and 9th-gen Core chips)

You can already find a few laptops powered by 8th-gen Intel processors… but so far your only options are models with 15 watt, quad-core chips based on Intel’s Kaby Lake Refresh design. Soon you may be able to pick up a more powerful model with a 45 watt processor based on Coffee Lake-H architecture. Intel […]