If you plan to keep using a Pebble smartwatch, sign up for a Rebble account now

Fitbit plans to pull the plug on Pebble cloud services at the end of June, which means anyone with a Pebble smartwatch won’t be able to use the app store, reply to email or SMS messages from their watch, or use voice recognition or other services that require an internet connection. The move has been […]

Fitbit launches $200 Versa smartwatch and kid-friendly $100 Ace activity tracker

Fitbit’s second smartwatch is here, and it’s cheaper, better looking, and arguably more useful than the company’s first. The Fitbit Versa is a $200 watch that offers 4 days of battery life, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counting, and music playback, as well as notifications and support for third-party apps. Fitbit is also launching […]

Rebble aims to make your Pebble watch keep working after Fitbit pulls the plug this summer

Pebble was one of the early players in the smartwatch space, and the company’s low-power devices with long battery life, support for third-party apps, and sunlight readable displays still have a loyal fan base… even though Pebble hasn’t released a new watch since the company was acquired by Fitbit at the end of 2016. At […]

Pebble smartwatches aren’t dead yet (but they will be this summer… kinda)

After Fitbit acquired smartwatch company Pebble in 2016, the company promised to keep Pebble’s software and services running through the end of 2017. While Pebble stopped making and selling watches, that move at least meant that existing customers would be able to squeeze a little extra life out of their wearables. Now Fibit has extended […]

Deals of the Day (4-06-2017)

Prices for refurbished Pebble smartwatches have been falling ever since Fitbit acquired Pebble and announced plans to basically shut down the company. But I’ve been avoiding including Pebble watch deals in our daily deals roundups, because it wasn’t really clear how long the watches would be useful for. Then this week Pebble released a software […]

Pebble releases update so that watches will work when cloud servers shut down

Pebble was one of the first major players in the smartwatch space. But when Fitbit acquired the company late last year, pretty much the entire product lineup was scrapped and plans were made to only continue supporting Pebble software and services through the end of 2017. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your Pebble watch […]

Pebble promises to keep software, services running through 2017

Pebble may not be selling smartwatches anymore, but if you already have a Pebble watch it should continue working… for a while. Fitbit recently announced plans to acquire Pebble’s intellectual property, key personell, and other asset… but not the company’s hardware. At the time Fitbit said that while no future software updates were planned, Pebble […]

What Pebble’s shutdown means for smartstrap makers

Pebble has announced it’s going to stop selling smartwatches now that Fitbit is acquiring the Pebble’s software-related intellectual property, but not the company’s hardware business. So what does that mean for companies that are making hardware designed to work with Pebble watches? At least one group working on a smartstrap is abandoning its project, while another hopes […]

Fitbit acquires Pebble, shuts down Pebble, cancels upcoming products, voids warranties

As expected, activity tracker company Fitbit is acquiring smartwatch maker Pebble. And as expected, the company is mostly interested in Pebble’s “key personnel and intellectual property… not the company’s existing line of hardware and software. So Pebble is basically shutting down, canceling the products the company had announced this summer, and voiding warranties for existing […]