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This DIY Arduino Pocket Computer has the functionality of a (very) old personal digital assistant

Before there were smartphones, there were personal digital assistants like the Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor, and Compaq/HP iPAQ line of devices. And before those, there were really basic PDAs, like the Psion Organiser, which basically had the kind of features you’d also find on a calculator watch. While you might be able to find one of those […]

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Lilbits: Psion 5MX meets a Raspberry Pi Zero, EU court overturns Qualcomm’s €1 billion antitrust fine

The Psion Series 5 line of PDAs released in the late 90s looked like tiny laptop computers, complete with QWERTY keyboards laid out in a way that even let you touch-type on a device small enough to fold in half and put in your pocket. While they never really became as popular as the smartphones, […]

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Lilbits: Remembering the Apple Newton, using a 2003 Windows Mobile PDA in 2022, and exploring one of the earliest builds of Android

Apparently it’s nostalgia week in the mobile tech world. Ars Technica decided to take a trip down memory lane by remembering the Apple Newton 30 years after Apple announced its first handheld. While the Newton was widely considered a flop, maybe it was just ahead of time. We certainly now live in a world where […]

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DIY smartphone keyboard made from salvaged Psion 5 PDA parts

An official PinePhone keyboard accessory is on the way, and a handful of modern phones even have physical keyboards built-in. But some folks have been making their own DIY keyboard solutions for the PinePhone and other smartphones for a while. One hardware hacker decided to do that by pairing a bit of new tech with […]

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Gemini PDA is like a tiny Android/Linux laptop with premium specs (crowdfunding)

Are physical keyboards for mobile devices making a comeback? TCL and BlackBery just launched a new phone with a QWERTY keyboard. A keyboard module for the Moto Z smartphone is generating some buzz. And an Indiegogo campaign for a 7 inch, pocket-sized Windows notebook has raised over $1.7 million (so far). Now the folks at UK-based […]