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pcDuino3 nano is a smaller, cheaper mini PC with Arduino support

The makers of the pcDuino line of products offer several small, low-power single-board computers with ARM processors and support for Arduino Shields. The latest model is the smallest (and cheapest) to date. The pcDuino3 nano is now available for $39. This tiny computer features an Allwinner A20 dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor with support for Android and […]

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pcDuino8 dev board with Allwinner A80 in the works

The makers of the recently-launched pcDuino3 single board computer are already working on a next-generation model with a more powerful processor. LinkSprite and Allwinner have announced that the upcoming pcDuino8 will features an Allwinner A80 octa-core processor. The pcDuino platform combines the features of a Raspberry Pi-like single board computer or developer board with support for […]

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pcDuino3 is a $77 Android, Ubuntu single-board PC with Arduino support

There’s no shortage of tiny, low-power single-board computers that can run Android, Ubuntu, or other operating systems. What helps set the pcDuino line apart is that these little developer boards also support the Arduino ecosystem which means you can add Arduino shields to extend the capabilities of the little device and use Arduino programming tools. The first […]

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pcDuino is a $59 single board PC with Adruino-compatible headers

The pcDuino is a single-board computer that looks a bit like a Raspberry Pi. But it’s got a faster processor and more memory than a $25 Raspberry Pi, plus a whole lot of extra connection options. Not only does the pcDuino include Ethernet, WiFi, and HDMI ports, but it also has Arduino-compatible headers, which means […]