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The first Mini-STX motherboards based on Intel’s 5×5 platform are here

Intel launched a new platform in 2015 for the smallest motherboards that could support upgradeable CPUs. Now we’re starting to see some of the first actual boards based on that platform: ECS and ASRock both unveiled new mini STX motherboards at CES last week. Basically, this means you can build your own computer that’s not much […]

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Lenovo IdeaCentre 610S is a tiny computer with a detachable projector

Lenovo is no stranger to the tiny desktop space. The company’s IdeaCentre Q series notebooks have been around for years, and Lenovo has positioned them as machines for home theaters, among other things. But Lenovo’s new IdeaCentre 610S is basically a theater-in-a-box, because this small form-factor computer comes with a wireless projector that can be stacked […]

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PC shipments dropped last quarter, but there were winners and losers

Researchers at Gartner and IDC have released separate reports that reach the same basic conclusion: PC sales in the first quarter of 2015 were lower than during the same period a year earlier. But the reports aren’t all bad news for computer makers: A few companies also shipped more computers this year, and the launch […]

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VAIO Corporation will finish separating from Sony in July

Sony announced plans in February to sell its VAIO PC business to Japan Industrial Partners. Now it looks like the transition should be complete by July 1st. That’s when a new entity called VAIO Corporation is expected to launch… and when Sony will officially be out of the PC business. The Japanese electronics manufacturer has […]

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Sony to sell its VAIO PC business, focus on smartphones instead

Sony has announced plans to get out of the personal computer business. The company wants to sell its VAIO PC division to investment firm Japanese Industrial Partners (JIP) this year, which will make the spring 2014 product launch the last line of VAIO computers to wear the Sony name. The company says it will continue […]

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World’s largest PC vendor sells more phones, tablets than PCs (Lenovo)

Before Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer business in 2005, the company wasn’t all that well known in the US. But in 2013 the Chinese device maker was named the largest PC vendor in the world. What’s a bit surprising is that Lenovo actually sold more phones and tablets than PCs in the most recent fiscal […]