Lilbits: More new Intel chips, PC shipments are up, and Qualcomm’s new in-screen fingerprint reader is bigger

In addition to launching new 35-watt Tiger Lake processors for gaming laptops and new 6-10 watt chips for low-cost, low-power notebooks for the education market, Intel had some other big announcements today. The company launched a new line of 11th-gen Tiger Lake chips with vPro technology for business-class security, management, and performance features. Intel also […]

Canalys & Gartner: PC shipments were down in Q1, despite increased demand (updated)

After years of declining PC shipments, things were starting to look up, with analysis’s spotting an uptick at the end of 2019. And then came the COVID-19 pandemic. Research firm Canalys says demand was up in the first quarter of 2020. But there were production and shipping delays related to the international efforts to curb […]

PC shipments grew in 2019 for the first time in 7 years

Smartphone shipments may have skyrocketed in the past decade, but apparently there’s still a place for personal computers. Research firms Gartner and IDC have both released reports suggesting that PC shipments were up in 2019, making it the first year since 2011 that PC shipments were up year-over-year. The increase was a modest one… and […]

CPU shortages and trade wars contributing to declining PC shipments (according to IDC and Gartner)

In what’s become a familiar set of headlines in recent years, market research firms IDC and Gartner have put out a pair of press releases showing that PC shipments in the fourth quarter of 2018 were down from the same period a year earlier… and that overall PC shipments in 2018 were lower than in […]

IDC: PC shipments down for 6th year, but the market is stabilizing

Over the past decade smartphone shipments have skyrocketed, while shipments of traditional PCs have declined. In fact, research firm IDC reports that 2017 marked the 6th straight year where PC shipments declined. But there’s some good news for PC makers (and folks who want to make sure companies continue cranking out PCs): that decline wasn’t […]

IDC: PC shipments up for the first time in years, Gartner: nope

PC shipments have been declining in recent years. While smartphone shipments continue to rise, consumers and businesses are upgrading their desktop and notebook computers less frequently. But according to research firm IDC, the PC market saw growth in the first quarter of 2017… for the first time in 5 years. The analysts at rival firm […]

Gartner: PC shipments have been falling non-stop for 2 years

Personal Computers aren’t selling like they used to… at least not traditional PCs. A new report from Gartner says that PC sales have declined for the 8th quarter in a row, representing the longest ongoing decline in shipments ever. Shipments during the third quarter of 2016 are said to be down about 5.7 percent from […]

PC shipments still falling.. but not as fast as expected

We may be living in the age of the smartphone, but there are still plenty of notebook and desktop computers out there. The analysts at IDC say 62.4 million personal computers were shipped worldwide in the second quarter of 2016, while rival Gartner puts the number at 64.3 million. Both companies agree that’s fewer PCs […]