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This $389 mechanical keyboard has a 12.6 inch touchscreen display built-in

At first glance it’d be easy to mistake the Ficihip multifunction mechanical keyboard for a full-fledged PC (or cyberdeck). But it’s really more of an all-in-one PC accessory featuring a mechanical keyboard and a built-in touchscreen display. Hook it up to a computer and you get extra screen space and support for keyboard and touch input. […]

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Daily Deals (10-22-2019)

Amazon is running a 1-day sale on PCs and accessories, which means you can score some pretty good deals on storage, networking products, and the like. Meanwhile if you’re not put off by the privacy & security implications of using smart speakers, today’s a pretty good day to snag one for cheap (or free) — […]

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Raspberry Pi releases official keyboard and mouse accessories

Normally it’s not exactly big news when a PC maker releases a new keyboard or mouse. But when the Raspberry Pi foundation, maker of a line of tiny, low-power PCs that sell for $35 or less does it? Well it’s still probably not big news, but it’s kind of interesting, because while the organization’s been selling […]

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This dock lets you use wired gaming mice and keyboards with a phone for some reason

Sure, you can pair a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse with your phone. But what if you have a favorite mechanical keyboard or gaming mouse that you want to use… but it only works via USB? That, apparently, is the question the GameSir X1 BattleDock hopes to answer… I guess. This $50 dock is basically a […]

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Logitech launches first ergonomic trackball mouse in nearly 10 years (MX Ergo)

The computer mouse as we know it has been around since the 1960s, although it’s gone through some major changes including the move from using a ball to track motion to using optical or laser technology and the shift in recent years from wired to wireless. But the trackball actually predates the mouse by nearly […]

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Logitech’s CRAFT keyboard has a context-specific dial

Typing, swiping, and tapping are so old school. Microsoft’s Surface Dial introduced a new way to interact with applications. Dell’s Canvas works with an optional dial accessory too. But what if you want to use a dial to interact with Photoshop, Excel, and other applications without buying a Surface computer or an expensive Dell Canvas […]

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Microsoft’s latest PC accessories include a keyboard for Android, iOS, and Windows tablets

Microsoft has just revealed a new set of PC accessories which will be available this fall. They include a new Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse, a colorful, but simpler wireless mouse, and an Xbox One video game controller that comes with a cable allowing you to use it with Windows PCs. But one of the […]