Apple patents a configurable keyboard with tiny screens beneath the keys

Apple’s recent MacBook Pro laptops feature a Touch Bar above the keyboard that’s basically a thin OLED touchscreen display that can show different buttons depending on what you’re doing with your laptop. But the keys on the keyboard? They remain the same no matter what software you’re running… for now, anyway. Last year Apple filed […]

AMD may be developing hybrid chips similar to ARM’s big.LITTLE and Intel’s Foveros designs

It’s been nearly a decade since ARM introduced its big.LITTLE chip designs that allow a single processor to use two or more different CPU cores. The name comes from the idea that you could pair “big” high-performance cores with “LITTLE” energy-efficient cores to get the best of both worlds – speed when you need it […]

This could be what the new Moto Razr folding phone looks like

Smartphones with folding displays are all the rage these days, but it looks like different phone makers may be different approaches. Royole’s FlexPai smartphone folds in half so that part of the phone’s 7.8 inch display becomes a 4.5 inch screen. Samsung’s upcoming foldable will bend the other way… so that the tablet-sized screen is […]

US regulators investigate Nintendo Switch patent infringement allegations

Nintendo has a way of thinking outside the box when it comes to game consoles. While Sony and Microsoft tend to duke it out to see who can pack the most power into their latest gaming boxes, Nintendo has focused on oddball features like motion controllers and a balance board (Wii), a dual screen mobile […]

Motorola patents self-healing screen tech for smartphones

Motorola already sells phones with shatterproof (but scratch-prone) displays. What’s next? Phones with self-healing screens… maybe. The company has filed a patent application for a “method and device for detecting fascia damage and repairing the same.” In plain English? It’s a self-healing screen that can repair cracks and scratches. But it’s unclear if Motorola will […]