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NVIDIA launches Jetson TX2 embedded computing module with 2X the performance of the Jetson TX1

NVIDIA may not be making smartphone chips anymore, but the company is still producing low-power, high-performance computing platforms. The recently launched Nintendo Switch game console is powered by an NVIDIA processor, and NVIDIA continues to push its solutions for enterprise products including automotive and industrial solutions. A few years ago the company launched the Jetson TX1 […]

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NVIDIA to unveil “Tegra-Next” chip details in August

NVIDIA’s chips may not be as popular with smartphone and tablet makers as they were a few years ago, but if you use a Tegra processor in a device where power consumption isn’t as constrained, it can offer pretty impressive performance. The Tegra X1 chip powers the company’s NVIDIA Shield Android TV console, and NVIDIA […]

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NVIDIA updates Tegra roadmap: Kepler graphics, 64-bit processing on the way

NVIDIA is outlining plans for its next-generation Tegra processors for mobile devices… and for the generation after that as well. NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 chips are scheduled to hit the market this year, but in 2014 we’ll see faster chips with the same graphics core NVIDIA is currently using in the PC market. By 2015 NVIDIA […]