Paranoid Android returns with a stable Android 10 ROM

Once upon a time Paranoid Android was one of the most innovative custom ROMs for Android smartphones. Its developers added features for power users, and spent time rethinking Android’s navigation buttons, notifications, and other core features. But things have slowed down in recent years, and the last stable build of Paranoid Android was released in […]

Paranoid Android update brings “accidental touch” protection, support for more devices

It looks like that new build of Paranoid Android that was released in May wasn’t a one-off. After years of lying mostly dormant, the once-popular custom ROM is back with another new build. Paranoid Android 2017 Release 2 brings a handful of new features, support for additional devices, and some bug fixes, including an updated […]

Paranoid Android is back with an Android 7.1.2 ROM

Once upon a time the Paranoid Android team of developers were responsible for some of the most innovative custom ROMs for smartphones. The team reinvented Android navigation buttons with Pie controls, offered a multi-window mode years before Google officially supported the feature, reimagined multitasking on Android devices, and started (and killed) a bunch of other projects […]

Paranoid Android is back with a new Marshmallow-based custom ROM

Paranoid Android is a custom version of Android known for building unusual features on top of Google’s mobile operating system. Halo, PIE controls, and Hover, for example, presented new ways to multitask, deal with on-screen navigation buttons, and interact with notifications. But it’s been a few years since Paranoid Android released a new ROM. Phone maker […]

Paranoid Android 5.0 Alpha 1 gets a first taste of Lollipop

Paranoid Android is a custom version of Google Android known for bringing innovative features to smartphones and tablets including alternate methods for interacting with notifications, on-screen buttons, settings, and more. The developers of Paranoid Android have just released the first public build of their software that’s based on Google Android 5.0… and most of those […]

Lilbits (8-26-2014): Asus smartwatch, Intel’s “luxury” smart bracelet, and the Moto G2

Asus plans to reveal its first smartwatch at the IFA show in Berlin next week. The company’s already told us it’ll be cheaper than other devices running Google’s Android Wear software, and now we have a slightly better idea of what it’ll look like thanks to some sketches the company has posted to Facebook. Meanwhile […]

Paranoid Android 4.4 RC1 now available for ROM flashers

Paranoid Android is a custom version of Google’s mobile operating system which has a reputation for big add-on features that change the way notifications, multitasking, and even menu buttons work. When the developers started working on the first version of Paranoid Android based on Android 4.4 KitKat, they went back to the drawing board and […]