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Lilbits: Why the Steam Deck OS is based on Arch Linux, Google’s Tensor chip has a Samsung Exynos CPU (probably), and running Windows 11 on Macs with M1 chips

A new version of virtualization software Parallels is here, and it promises to let you run Windows 11 on a Mac, whether you’ve got a model with an Intel chip or Apple Silicon. Clues about the technology used in Google’s first smartphone processor are emerging, and at least one key component might not be Google-designed […]

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Parallels Desktop now lets you run Windows on Macs with Intel or M1 chips

When Apple launched the first Macs with ARM processors, the company managed to deliver big gains in performance and efficiency, whether you’re running apps designed to run natively on ARM or apps that were originally made for Macs with Intel chips. But there were some things you couldn’t do. You couldn’t install Windows on a […]

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HP brings Windows apps to its Enterprise Chromebooks (with Parallels Desktop)

This summer Google announced it was working with Parallels to let users run Windows applications on high-end Chromebooks. Now HP says it’s bringing that option ot its Chromebooks for enterprise users. The new Parallels Desktop for HP Chrome Enterprise feature allows customers to run Windows applications in a virtual machine directly on a Chromebook. There’s no […]

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Lilbits: Dark Sky goes dark, Pixel 5a, PowerToys v0.20 and game & video streaming updates

The end is here for the Dark Sky app for Android. There’s a new version of Microsoft’s PowerToys app for Windows. Google is already working on the Pixel 5a, even though the Pixel 4a hasn’t officially been announced yet. Microsoft may be in talks to buy TikTok. And Netflix is finally building functionality into its […]

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Windows apps are coming to Chromebooks (for enterprise users)

Once upon a time Chromebooks were basically laptops designed to run a single app — the Chrome web browser. But over time Google has added support for Android apps and Linux apps, not to mention thousands of web apps. Soon you’ll also be able to run Windows applications on a Chromebook… assuming you’re a Chrome […]

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Parallels Access brings remote desktop to Android, iPhone

Parallels launched an iPad app that lets you remote control a PC from your tablet last year. Now the company is adding support for smartphones with the launch of Parallels Access for Android and iPhone. You can use the mobile app to remote control a Mac or Windows computer while using a touch-friendly user interface […]

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Parallels Access for iPad lets you use desktop apps with iOS-friendly gestures

There’s no shortage of apps that let you run desktop software on an iPad by logging into your Windows or Mac computer and remotely controlling it from your iPad. The problem is that most desktop apps such as Microsoft Office, Firefox, or Internet Explorer may not have been designed for touch-based navigation. Parallels Access aims […]

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Parallels Desktop 7 now lets you install Windows 8 on a Mac

Parallels makes software for Mac computers that allows you to install Windows and run Windows apps from OS X without rebooting. The latest version of Parallels adds experimental support for Windows 8. Microsoft released  developer preview of Windows 8 recently. It features a dramatically redesigned start menu and new “Metro style” applications with a full-screen […]