Lilbits: Dark Sky goes dark, Pixel 5a, PowerToys v0.20 and game & video streaming updates

The end is here for the Dark Sky app for Android. There’s a new version of Microsoft’s PowerToys app for Windows. Google is already working on the Pixel 5a, even though the Pixel 4a hasn’t officially been announced yet. Microsoft may be in talks to buy TikTok. And Netflix is finally building functionality into its […]

Parallels Access for iPad lets you use desktop apps with iOS-friendly gestures

There’s no shortage of apps that let you run desktop software on an iPad by logging into your Windows or Mac computer and remotely controlling it from your iPad. The problem is that most desktop apps such as Microsoft Office, Firefox, or Internet Explorer may not have been designed for touch-based navigation. Parallels Access aims […]

Parallels Desktop 7 now lets you install Windows 8 on a Mac

Parallels makes software for Mac computers that allows you to install Windows and run Windows apps from OS X without rebooting. The latest version of Parallels adds experimental support for Windows 8. Microsoft released  developer preview of Windows 8 recently. It features a dramatically redesigned start menu and new “Metro style” applications with a full-screen […]