Now you can by Palm’s tiny smartphone as a standalone device for $199

Last year Palm re-entered the smartphone space. Sort of. A California-based startup got the rights to use the Palm name and revived the Palm brand last year by launching a tiny smartphone with a 3.3 inch display, mid-range specs, and Android 8.1 software with a custom user interface. But the Palm phone was initially sold […]

TCL may be taking the Palm name literally: 3.3 inch Palm smartphone leaked

It’s 2018 and smartphones with 6.4 inch displays don’t really seem all that strange anymore. So how do you make a device that stands out? Give it a tiny screen… or something. That seems to be the approach Chinese device maker TCL is planning to take with a new Palm-branded smartphone expected to launch sometime […]

Report: TCL and Verizon to launch a new Palm smartphone (whatever that means)

Chinese electronics giant TCL is probably best known in the US for making televisions. But the company also sells phones under the Alcatel and BlackBerry brands. In fact, most recent phones sold under the BlackBerry name are actually manufactured by TCL. The company produces the hardware and BlackBerry licenses the name along with the BlackBerry […]

webOS rises from the ashes (again) as LuneOS: open source operating system for phones and tablets

The operating system that once powered devices like the Palm Pre and the HP TouchPad is getting another crack at life. A group of developers have taken the source code HP released a few years ago and turned it into something new(ish) called LuneOS. While the software is still very much a work in progress, […]