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Asus Padfone X coming soon to AT&T

Asus is getting ready to bring its first Padfone to the United States. For the past few years the company has been offering a line of smartphones designed to connect with tablet docking stations to give you a bigger screen and bigger battery while keeping all of your data on one device: your phone. But […]

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Asus Padfone X smartphone/tablet hybrid coming soon?

There’s evidence that the next smartphone/tablet hybrid from Asus will be called the Padfone X. The company users the Padfone name to describe smartphones that are designed to work with optional tablet docks, giving you the chance to use the phone’s hardware with a larger display and battery. This month Asus unveiled the Padfone mini, […]

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Asus launches Padfone Mini 4.3 in Taiwan, says Padfone line coming to America

Asus now offers Padfones in two sizes. A Padfone is a smartphone that you can slide into a tablet docking station when you want a larger screen and batter. Up until now that’s meant a phone with a screen around 5 inches in size and a 10 inch tablet dock. Now Asus is also launching […]

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Asus unveils new Padfone Infinity smartphone/tablet hybrid with Snapdragon 800 chip

Asus is rolling out an update to its Padfone family of smartphones that transform into 10 inch tablets with the help of a tablet dock. The new model features a refined design, a faster processor, and less storage (but a new microSD card slot to help make up for it). The new Asus Padfone infinity is […]

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Lilbits (8-27-2013): Making a Macintosh Mini out of a Raspberry Pi

The original Macintosh computer was released in 1984, and it was the first popular personal computer to run software featuring a graphical user interface. It had a 9 inch display, a 7.8 MHz processor, and 128 kB of memory. Computers have come a long way since then — today you can pick up a $35 […]

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Asus Padfone Infinity: A quad-core, 1080p phone that turns into a tablet

Asus is introducing its next-generation Padfone, and as you might expect, the new Padfone Infinity has a faster processor and higher resolution display than earlier members of the Padfone family. It’s a 5 inch phone with a 1080p display and a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. […]

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TransPhone 2 coming in April for folks that can’t afford an Asus PadFone

Asus may have been the first company to introduce a smartphone that turns into a tablet when you dock the handset into a docking station with a larger touchscreen display. But the Asus PadFone isn’t the only game in town… which is good news if you find the $760-ish price tag off-putting. A few years […]

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Asus Padfone 2 makes a surprise appearance on Indian TV

Asus is set to officially introduce the Padfone 2 on October 16th. But Asus CEO Jerry Chen gave Bloomberg India a sneak peek this week. He confirmed that the new smartphone with a tablet docking station will have a bigger screen, higher resolution camera, and new design. Like the original Padfone, the Padfone 2 is […]