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Lilbits: Samsung Galaxy A13 and A23 launched, try the Steam Deck UI on any PC, run GrapheneOS’ secure apps on any Android phone

Samsung’s Galaxy S series smartphones grab most of the headlines since they’re the company’s flagship-class phone that typically feature the best hardware Samsung can put in your pocket (even if that hardware sometimes doesn’t run as fast as it could). But the company’s best-selling phones are actually in the wallet-friendly Galaxy A series. And now […]

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Install Microsoft Store apps from the command line with Windows Package Manager 1.1

Windows Package Manager is a utility that lets you install Windows applications from a command prompt, much the way you can with most Linux distributions. 

Up until recently though, you could only install applications that were listed in Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager Community Repository. But starting with Windows Package Manager version 1.0, Microsoft added support for third-party app repositories. And starting with version 1.1, you can also install apps from the Microsoft Store. 

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Flatpak 1.0 released, aims to simplify installation of Linux apps

There are hundreds of Linux distributions to choose from, and while there are some similarities (they all use some version of the Linux kernel and most support a variety of popular desktop environments such as GNOME, KDE, and Xfce), there are also some differences — like the way you install applications. Traditional Debian-based applications like […]