Raspberry Pi introduces 1 GHz turbo mode overclocking option

The Raspberry Pi mini computer has a 700 MHz Broadcom BCM2835 ARM11 processor. But users have been adjusting the voltage and overclocking the chip to run at higher speeds for months. Up until now, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has supported doing that — but warned that it could potentially damage the hardware, and that it […]

You may soon be able to buy an overclocked Android tablet… or just overclock your own

The NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor which powers most tablets running Google Android 3.x Honeycomb normally runs at 1 GHz. But hackers have been overclocking the dual core chip to run at 1.5 GHz or even higher speeds. You sacrifice a little battery life when you run the chip at speeds exceeding 1 GHz, but you […]