Lilbits 371: AT&T’s first 5G phone is coming… but not for you

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S10 and S10+ earlier this year, the company also introduced its first 5G-ready smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s basically the same phone with the addition of a 5G modem. But this model also has a bigger screen and a larger battery than its […]

Razer is shutting down its game store for Ouya, Forge TV, and Mad Catz MOJO

A few years back companies thought the next big thing in console gaming was… small. And cheap. And Android-based. That future never really arrived. And now gaming hardware company Razer is putting another nail in the coffin and shutting down the services that would have powered the Ouya, Razer Forge TV, and Mad Catz MOJO… […]

Razer’s Cortex game store for the Forge TV rises from Ouya’s ashes

The Razer Forge TV is an Android TV box designed to bring Android games to your big screen display. It’s one of a few different devices in this category to launch in 2015, and it’s been met with largely poor reviews. Razer is hoping to turn things around with a major software update: this summer the […]

Razer confirms acquisition of Ouya for Android-based gaming platform tech

Ouya launched an Android-powered video game console a few years ago and hasn’t really updated the hardware since. But the company has put a lot of time and money into building out its game store and software ecosystem which is used on a handful of third-party devices. Still, the company wasn’t in great financial shape, and […]

Lilbits (10-21-2014): Next-gen DSL tech could bring new life to phone lines

Back in the dark ages the only way for most people to access the internet was with a slow dialup connection (or by visiting a college or other institution that actually had a faster T1 line). Then along came DSL, one of the first technologies to offer broadband speeds. But in recent years cable, fiber […]