Windows 10X documents describe an OS that blends desktop and mobile concepts

Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Neo dual-screen tablet will run a brand new version of Windows when it ships in late 2020. It’s called Windows 10 X, and all Microsoft has officially said about the OS so far is that it’s designed for dual-screen PCs and that third-party PC makers are also working on devices that will run […]

MobileShell makes Windows on ARM more smartphone-friendly

Now that Windows 10 Mobile is dead, Microsoft doesn’t officially make a smartphone operating system anymore. But the company does have a version of Windows 10 designed for tablets and laptops with ARM-based processors… and hackers have been finding ways to make it run on smartphones for the past year or so. But while it’s gotten […]

Huawei may be developing an Android alternative (as a last resort)

The US ban on shipments of US goods to Chinese phone maker ZTE means it’s likely future ZTE phones won’t be able to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, which would be a pretty big blow. But it’s also unclear whether the ban would prevent ZTE from loading Google’s core Android apps including the Play Store, Gmail, […]

Fairphone’s Android-based, Open Source OS now available for the Fairphone 2

Fairphone has gotten a fair amount of attention for releasing a phone with a modular design (making it easy to replace or upgrade some components) and which is partially built from ethically-sourced materials. But the Dutch startup has a wider view of what makes a phone “fair,” and that also includes allowing users to choose […]

elementary OS devs say you’re cheating if you don’t pay for free software

Paying anything for all that free software you download? No? Then you’re doing it wrong, at least according to the team behind elementary OS. In fact, they think you’re a low-down, dirty cheater. They’re currently taking a lot of heat for changes to the elementary OS website that are in the works. It has to […]

Fuduntu 2013.1 now available with Netflix and Steam support

Fuduntu 2013.1 is now available for download, and there are plenty of reasons to take it for a spin. Along with a lengthy list of improvements a bug fixes, there a few key features that make the latest version of Fuduntu an interesting option for both existing and prospective Linux users. The distro’s sleek interface […]

Peppermint OS 3 brings Chromium stable, native Google Drive and Docs client

Back in 2010, Peppermint OS burst onto the scene. The lightweight Linux distro received plenty of attention because of its focus on cloud integration, due in no small part to its arrival just ahead of Chrome OS and the Cr-48. This week, lead developer Kendall Weaver announced the availability of Peppermint OS 3. Weaver and […]

Samsung releases NF208 netbook with no OS, but not in the US

A few weeks ago the folks at Notebook Italia spotted a netbook called the Samsung NF208 which looks exactly like the recently released Samsung NF210 — except that it comes with a dual core Intel Atom N550 processor and it ships without an operating system. Unfortunately this model isn’t available in the US, where it’s […]