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Lilbits (5-11-2015): Debunking edition (Windows 10 isn’t totally free for Insiders)

There’s a story making the rounds that Windows 10 will be available as a free update for folks running pre-release builds of the operating system as part of the Windows Insider program… and it’s true. It’s just not quite the whole truth. The story comes from a comment made on Twitter by the head of […]

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Orange to launch Intel-powered smartphone this summer

Chip maker Intel has been working on mobile chips with reduced power consumption for some time… and this year we’ll see the first smartphones powered by Intel’s new Medfield processors with x86 architecture rather than ARM designs. European mobile carrier Orange has announced that it will launch its first Intel-powered phone in the UK and […]

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Sony teases new Vaio P: will this be ‘the one’?

With its comparatively low-capacity batteries and high price tag, Sony’s Vaio P has traditionally been blogged about with disapproving sneers. That’s not stopping the electronics giant, and they’re ready to take another stab at things. They’re teasing a new model, which will likely be bright orange and its profile will — according to some — […]