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Orange Pi Zero 2W is a Raspberry Pi Zero lookalike with Allwinner H618 and up to 4GB RAM

The Orange Pi Zero 2W is a new single-board computer that measures just 65 x 30mm (2.6″ x 1.2″, but which features a quad-core processor, up to 4GB of RAM, and enough ports and connectors for basic computer functions. In other words, it’s an awful lot like a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, but it has […]

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These Raspberry Pi CM4 clones are powered by Rockchip processors

Two of the Chinese companies that crank out Raspberry Pi-like products (right down to the Fruit + Pi names) are at it again, this time with Raspberry Pi Compute Module clones. The Orange Pi Compute Module 4 is a system-on-a-module that should be compatible with most carrier boards designed for the Raspberry Pi CM4. But […]

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Orange Pi 3B is a single-board computer with RK3566 for $35 and up

The Orange Pi 3B is a Raspberry Pi-sized single-board computer with a bunch of features you don’t often find in this form-factor, including a full-sized HDMI port, an M.2 key socket that can be used for storage. It also has many of the usual features including USB, Ethernet, and wireless capabilities and a 40-pin GPIO […]

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Orange Pi handheld gaming PCs with AMD Ryzen and RK3588S chips could be coming soon

The maker of the Orange Pi line of single-board computers plan to branch out into the growing handheld gaming PC space. According to several reports from Chinese social media, the company is developing at least two handhelds powered by AMD Ryzen processors, as well as a lower-cost model with a Rockchip RK3588S processor that should […]

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Orange Pi 5B is a single-board PC with RK3588S, WiFi6, BT 5.0 and an eMMC storage module

The Orange Pi 5B is a single-board computer that features a Rockchip RK3588S processor, support for up to 32GB of RAM and plenty of I/O options including an HDMI 2.1 port, Gigabit Ethernet, and several USB ports. It’s a lot like the Orange Pi 5 that launched late last year, but the new model adds […]

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Orange Pi OS: Android and Linux-based operating systems for Orange Pi single-board PCs

The maker of the Orange Pi line of single-board computers (among other things) offers a handful of Android or Linux images that can be installed on most of the company’s products. But for the most part they’re just existing operating systems that have been tweaked to support Orange Pi hardware. Now Shenzhen Xunlong Software has […]

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Orange Pi 5 single-board PC is available for pre-order (single-board PC with RK3588S, up to 32GB RAM)

The upcoming Orange Pi 5 is a credit card-sized computer that looks a lot like a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B at first glance. But this little computer from has a faster processor, faster wireless connectivity, support for more RAM, and a few other characteristics that help it stand out. First announced in July, the […]

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Orange Pi 800 is a computer-in-a-keyboard with an RK3399 processor

The company behind the Orange Pi range of devices have been cranking out Raspberry Pi alternatives for years, mostly focused on small, low-cost single-board computers. Now the company has unveiled its answer to the Raspberry Pi 400 computer-in-a-keyboard. At first glance, the Orange Pi 800 looks like a wired keyboard. But it’s a full-fledged computer […]

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Lilbits: Nobody is playing Netflix games, Fibit is killing its desktop sync apps, Moto Razr 2 and Kobo Clara 2E on the way

Fitbit is pulling the plug on its desktop apps, which means you may soon no longer be able to sync your steps and other activities with a PC or Mac. If you have a Fitbit watch, that means you’ll also no longer be able to transfer music to your wearable unless you’re using the Deezer […]

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Orange Pi 4 LTS single-board computer with RK3999 coming in February for $55 and up

The makers of the Orange Pi line of single-board computers have announced a new model with a Rockchip RK3399 hexa-core processor, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, and USB ports, support for up to 4GB of RAM and optional support for a 16GB eMMC module as well as a microSD card reader and USB ports for storage. It’s […]