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Asus introduces O!Play Mini Plus set top box

Asus is adding a new member to its O!Play family of media streaming devices. A few years ago I took the original O!Play for a spin, and while I was underwhelmed by the user interface, I was impressed with how well the device could stream videos to my TV from any device on my home […]

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MSI launches Movie Station HD1000 video streaming box

MSI followed Asus into the netbook space. And now the company looks like it’s following Asus into another consumer electronics segment: media streaming devices. The new MSI Movie Station HD1000 looks an awful lot like the recently launched Asus O!Play line of HD video players… but better. Like the O!Play, the Movie Station HD1000 plugs […]

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Liliputing Holiday Giveaway: Asus O!Play HDP-R1 HD media streamer

The Asus O!Play HDP-R1 is a small box that you can stream HD or standard definition video, pictures, and audio to your television set. You plug it into your TV, connect a hard drive or other storage with media via the USB port, and navigate the menus using the included remote control. It’s that easy. […]