COSMIC desktop environment makes its debut with release of Pop!_OS 21.04 Linux distribution

System76 has been selling Linux computers for more than 15 years. For a long time that meant the company’s hardware came with Ubuntu pre-installed. But a few years ago System76 began offering users a choice of Ubuntu or the company’s own Ubuntu fork called Pop!_OS. Now System76 is taking things a step further and releasing […]

Pop!_OS 21.04 Beta lets you try out the new COSMIC desktop for System76’s Linux distribution

Earlier this year Linux PC company System76 announced plans to develop a new desktop environment for the company’s Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS operating system. The COSMIC desktop environment is designed to be easy-to-use, but also highly customizable. And now you can take it for a spin by trying out Pop!_OS 21.04 Beta, which was released this week. […]

Fedora Linux 34 brings big changes to the desktop, audio, and more

The folks behind the Fedora Project have released a major update to the popular, long-running Linux distribution. Among other things, the default desktop environment for Fedora 34 is GNOME 40, which brings a new look, redesigned apps, and other improvements. Pipewire replaces PulseAudio for all audio applications. And the Btrfs file system now supports transparent compression, […]

JingOS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distro designed for tablets (and maybe phones)

There are a plenty of Linux-based operating systems that can run on desktop computers or servers. And there’s a growing number that run on phones (although most are pretty rough around the edges at this point). But JingOS is one of the first Linux distributions that’s designed specifically for tablets. It has a touch-friendly user […]

Huawei’s Harmony OS now runs on smartphones (who needs Android?)

Over the past few years, Huawei has risen to become one of the world’s top smartphone makers in terms of market share. But the Chinese electronics company faces something of an existential threat due to US trade restrictions which block hardware and software companies from working with Huawei. So the company is reducing its reliance […]

Google’s Fuchsia OS is an open source project that now accepts community code contributions

Google already has two popular operating systems: Android for phones and tablets, and Chrome OS for laptops, desktops, and… some other tablets. But for the past few years the company has also been working on a new operating system called Fuchsia. Development has been semi-public, with Google publishing the source code online. But now Google […]

Ubuntu Web Remix is a Linux distro that puts Firefox front and center (Chrome OS alternative)

Global Chromebook shipments are on the rise as folks around the world are stuck working, studying, and binge watching from home. They tend to be affordable, reasonably responsive, and fairly simple to learn to use. But a key selling point for some is a turnoff for others – Chromebooks put Google’s Chrome browser front and […]

Linuxfx: an Ubuntu-based operating system that looks like Windows 10

One of the things that keeps GNU/Linux-based distributions interesting is the fact that you can often customize the look and feel of the operating system by changing desktop environments or themes. You can even make a Linux distribution that looks like Windows. And I don’t think I’ve seen one that does that quite as well […]

Mobian is a Linux-based smartphone OS based on Debian

Now that there are a handful of smartphones designed to run GNU/Linux distributions, there are a growing number of developers creating phone-friendly operating systems. One of the latest is called Mobian, and while it’s not exactly a brand new distribution, it is a set of software that makes it possible to run the popular Debian operating […]

Intel’s Clear Linux to gain better support for third-party, proprietary software (like Chrome and Steam)

Clear Linux OS is a desktop and server operating system optimized for computers with Intel processors — and since it’s developed by Intel, it’s not surprising that Intel-powered systems running Clear Linux score higher in benchmarks than those with just about any other GNU/Linux distribution. It also runs well on systems with AMD processors. One […]