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Opera moves to Webkit for PC, mobile web browsers

Opera has been making web browsers for nearly two decades, but the Opera browser for desktop computers has never come close to rivaling Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Chrome in popularity. Opera’s mobile browsers, on the other hand, have been quite popular in recent years — Opera says it now has 300 million active users […]

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Opera reinvents the mobile browser with gesture-based Ice browser, coming in February

Opera’s web browsers for mobile devices have made a name for itself by offering a few nifty features including the ability to save resources bandwidth by rendering some web content on remove servers before sending it to your device. But as phones get more powerful, that sort of feature isn’t as important as it once […]

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Opera Mobile Android web browser gets extension support (experimental)

The Opera Mobile web browser for Google Android lets you surf the web with multiple browser tabs, arrange your favorite bookmarks on a “Speed Dial” home page, and sync your settings with the desktop version of the browser. Now you can also use extensions to add extra features to the web browser, thanks to an […]

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Opera Mobile web browser to offer speedier page loads on congested networks

The Opera Mini web browser has made a name for itself by enabling reasonably fast web browsing on slow wireless networks. That’s because when you want to load a web page on a smartphone or other mobile device running Opera Mini, the request goes to a remote server where Opera grabs the web page, compresses […]

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Recently on Mobiputing (6-17-11)

Mobile hardware is cool and all, but you know what’s really cool? Software. Here’s a roundup of some of the coolest mobile apps we’ve covered at Mobiputing over the last 7 days: DualWeb Browser for Android tabelts lets you view two web pages at once Sure, the nice big screen on your Honeycomb tablet is […]