Lilbits 358: Ryzen-powered “Zork” Chromebook on the way (if it’s not eaten by a grue)

Acer and HP unveiled the first Chromebooks powered by AMD processors this year and they’re… cheap laptops with cheap, low-power processors. If you’d been holding out for a Chromebook with a more powerful AMD Ryzen processor, it looks like you might not have to wait forever. Kevin Tofel from About Chromebooks spotted references in Chromium […]

Cryptocurrencies: HTC’s blockchain phone coming this fall, Opera builds Cypto Wallet into mobile browser

A couple of months ago HTC announced that it was working on a blockchain smartphone called the HTC Exodus. Now the company has posted a website for the phone, and while it’s short on details, HTC says it’ll offer an “early access” version of the phone in the third quarter of 2018. With dedicated hardware […]

Opera launches Opera Touch mobile browser, updates its desktop browser

Opera’s been killing off some of its mobile apps recently. Opera Max died last summer. Opera VPN will leave this world next week. But the company still continues to focus on its core products: web browsers. Today Opera is releasing a major update to its desktop web browser, and a brand new mobile browser called […]

Opera Neon is a new web browser concept for the modern web

The makers of the Opera web browser for desktop and mobile devices are launching a new concept browser with a dramatically redesigned user interface. It’s called Opera Neon and it should be able to display any content that works in other Opera or Chrome web browsers, since it uses the same rendering engine. But Opera Neon has […]