Lilbits: Asus ROG Phone’s light show, GPD Win 3, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is free for small workloads

The Asus ROG Phone line of smartphones are designed for gamers… and they tend to pack features that only a gamer could love or need like multiple USB ports, ultrasonic “airtrigger” buttons, and support for clip-on accessories including game controllers, desktop docks, and cooling fans. Last year’s ROG Phone 3 had all of those features, […]

OpenWrt 18.06 released (Linux OS for your router, first major update in years)

OpenWrt is an open source, Linux-based operating system designed to run on hundreds of routers and other embedded devices. It can add new features to your networking gear and give you more control over the software running on the hardware in your home. This week the developers released OpenWrt 18.06, which is a big step […]

FCC settlement means TP-Link routers might support third-party firmware after all

Remember how TP-Link decided that the simplest way to comply with FCC’s new rules for wireless routers was to make it difficult for users to load third-party firmware on the company’s products? Yeah, it looks like the company has agreed to “work with the open-source community and Wi-Fi chipset manufacturers to enable third-party firmware.” So […]

Linksys WRT routers to continue supporting open source firmware (update: Asus too)

The Federal Communications Commission recently adopted rules that required makers of WiFi routers to prohibit users to change some parameters of their devices. And some device makers have decided that the simplest way to comply with those rules is to prevent users from replacing their router’s firmware with third-party alternatives such as OpenWRT or DD-WRT. […]