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Linux smartphone news roundup: Waydroid, postmarketOS, Phosh, and MauKit updates

A better method for running Android apps on Linux phones is now working on the PinePhone. More independent reviews of the JingPad A1 Linux tablet are coming in. A new service pack brings improvements to the latest stable build of the postmarketOS Linux distribution. And in this latest Linux smartphone news roundup, there are a […]

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PinePhone news roundup (1-24-2021)

It’s been a busy week for PinePhone hardware and software developers. If you’ve been following LinuxSmartphone on Twitter you may have noticed that developers have made progress in making several different Linux distributions more usable, while other developers have been working to bring open source firmware to the PinePhone’s modem. The PinePhone KDE Community Edition […]

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Lilbits: Samsung Galaxy S21 leaks, MS Edge for Macs with M1, and the US blacklists China’s biggest chip manufacturer

The trade war continues. We have our first real look at a GPD Win 3 handheld gaming PC prototype (up until now we’ve only seen renders). And three different GNU/Linux distributions released new builds of their operating systems for the PinePhone this week. Here’s a roundup of recent tech news from around the web. U.S. […]

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Manjaro, Mobian, and OpenSUSE release updated OS images for the PinePhone

As the end of 2020 approaches, Linux phones still occupy a tiny niche in the smartphone market. But it’s a growing niche. Pine64 has shipped thousands of PinePhones. The Purism Librem 5 has finally begun to ship. And a handful of other phones powered by Linux are starting to ship as well. While the software […]

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PinePhone news roundup (9-25-2020)

The PinePhone Manjaro Community Edition smartphone is coming soon, the developers have been working to make Manjaro ARM ready for smartphones, and @linmobblog has recorded a few videos showing the OS in action so far. Meanwhile developer Martijn Braam has been hard at work on the new Megapixels app for PinePhones, enabling support for much […]

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OpenSUSE Leap 15 released (Linux with enterprise features)

The latest version of OpenSUSE is out today, bringing a new installer, improvements for cloud usage, and support for the GNOME and KDE desktop environments. OpenSUSE Leap 15 is also more closely aligned with SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE), making it easy for users to migrate from the community-based operating system to the professional version that […]

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OpenSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise hit the Windows Store

Windows 10 includes an optional feature that lets you install Linux-based operating systems so that you can run Linux utilities alongside Windows applications without rebooting or switching computers. Initially Ubuntu Linux was the only officially supported option. But earlier this year Microsoft promised that additional operating systems were on the way. Now OpenSUSE Linux Enterprise […]

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OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 is a Linux distro for enterprise or casual users

The latest version of the openSUSE operating system is the first to combine community-developed software with professionally-developed source code from SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE). OpenSUSE 42.1 Leap is now available for download, and the developers call it the first “hybrid distribution” of the Linux-based operating system. What that means is from here on out SLE and openSUSE […]

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Linux updates: Steam OS 2.0, OpenSUSE 42, Ubuntu 15.10 Alpha 1

It’s a busy week for operating system news. Sure, Microsoft is continuing to roll out test builds of Windows 10, while Apple users continue to test pre-release builds of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. But there’s also been some interesting developments in the GNU/Linux world. The first alpha release of Ubuntu 15.10 is […]

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Lilbits (11-19-2013): Nexus accessories

Google’s been selling the Nexus 5 smartphone for weeks, but if you’ve wanted a little extra protection for your phone you’ve had to rely on third-party covers and cases. Now the official Nexus 5 Bumper is available from the Google Play Store. The company is also now selling a wireless charging pad that works with […]