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DragonBox Pyra prototypes begin shipping (open source handheld gaming computer)

The DragonBox Pyra is a handheld computer with a 5 inch display, a QWERTY keyboard and a built-in gamepad. It’s designed to run free and open source software, and it’s been under development for more than six years… and after all that time, project leader Michael Mzorek (EvilDragon) has finally begun shipping prototypes to customers […]

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Pre-orders open for DragonBox Pyra Linux handheld game console

The DragonBox Pyra is a handheld gaming device aimed at a very specific niche: folks looking for a versatile, open source machine that can run desktop Linux apps and emulate game consoles including the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo 64 and Gameboy DS. It’s been in development for a few years, but now […]

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OpenPandora releases open-source hardware, case designs for handheld game system

The OpenPandora is a handheld, Linux-based game system with the guts of a low-power PC and the ability to emulate classic video game consoles. It’s based on open source software… and now the hardware designs are also open source. The designers of the printed circuit board (PCB) and case have released schematics and other details […]

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DragonBox Pyra open source mobile game console to pick up where OpenPandora left off

It’s been a few years since a group of developers started working on an open source handheld gaming device called the OpenPandora. A lot’s changed since the original designs were drawn up, and now one of the developers has announced plans for a new device which should offer the kind of performance you’d get from […]

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Open source Pandora handheld gaming console finally up for pre-order

The OpenPandora project is an open source project to create a handheld gaming console using open source designs and open source software. The Pandora has an ARM-based processor, Linux-based operating system, and support for a wide range of game console emulators along with a QWERTY thumb keyboard and dual analog game controllers. It’s been about […]