DevTerm is an open source portable terminal with modular (and retro) design

The DevTerm is a new portable computer with a very old aesthetic. Designed to look like an old school portable terminal, this modular, open source computer features a 6.8 inch, 1280 x 480 pixel IPS display, a keyboard, and battery module plus an optional built-in thermal printer. Under the hood is a ClockworkPi v3.14 mainboard […]

Lilbits: A new mobile, open hardware device

The hardware hacker who brought us the Novena open laptop, the NeTV2 open video development board, and the Chumby, is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign for a new open hardware device called Precursor. The goal is to provide a handheld development platform that’s fully hackable and configurable. According developer bunnie Huang, the device has […]

PicoRio dev board PC with a RISC-V chip will be a low-cost, open source Raspberry Pi alternative

The Raspberry Pi line of tiny computers have made a big splash in recent years. For as little as $35 you can get a fully functional computer capable of running a variety of (mostly Linux-based) operating systems. Some models are even cheaper. A bunch of competitors have entered the space, but like the Raspberry Pi, […]

Ignitial Tukhla will be a high-end, open hardware single board computer (developed by Olimex)

Open hardware company Olimex has announced its developing a “high end open source Linux board” for a French company called Ignitial. The upcoming Ignitial Tukhla will have an NXP iMX8 processor, support for up to 16GB of RAM, and plenty of options for storage, input, and output. What makes it an open hardware project is that […]

Crowdfunding begins for the MNT Reform modular, open hardware laptop

The MNT Reform is a laptop designed for folks who want to be able to understand, modify, and truly understand every aspect of their computer. It’s designed to run free and open source software, but the laptop is also open hardware — the design schematics, firmware, and most hardware components are available. And if you […]

System76 launches Thelio line of open source, US-built desktop computers

System76 has been selling Linux computers for years. But up until recently that basically meant slapping the System76 name on an OEM design and installing Ubuntu. Last year the company introduced its own custom GNU/Linux operating system called Pop!_OS and revealed plans to begin designing and building its own hardware. Now the first System76 computers […]

Kite DIY modular smartphone kit hits Kickstarter for $274 and up

Kite is a modular smartphone and/or computer kit that you assemble yourself. Since it features a modular design, you can decide what sensors, displays, or other components you want to use… although there are some limitations. Developer Shree Kumar is positioning Kite as an open hardware platform. The design files will be available and editable. […]

KDE team pulls the plug on the Vivaldi tablet, Improv board projects

Two attempts to bring the ethos of free software to hardware have met an end. The group of folks behind the KDE desktop environment have been trying for a few years to deliver a tablet with wouldn’t rely on proprietary software. More recently they unveiled the Improv Board, a small, cheap computer module designed to ship […]

OpenPandora releases open-source hardware, case designs for handheld game system

The OpenPandora is a handheld, Linux-based game system with the guts of a low-power PC and the ability to emulate classic video game consoles. It’s based on open source software… and now the hardware designs are also open source. The designers of the printed circuit board (PCB) and case have released schematics and other details […]