SiFive unveils first Linux-ready RISC-V processor

Chips made by Intel and AMD currently dominate the PC space, while most smartphones and tablets tend to feature processors based on ARM designs. There are few other options, but one of the most intriguing are chips based on the RISC-V architecture. Since 2010, the RISC-V project has been developing an open instruction set architecture […]

Firefox OS developer provides a (not so) brief history of the operating system

Firefox OS is pretty much dead at this point, but when Mozilla first unveiled plans for the operating system (initially known as Boot to Gecko), the plan was to provide an open alternative to Android and iOS designed to run web apps. Eventually Firefox OS-powered phones were shipped… and sold poorly. There was a tablet […]

Neo900 keeps the Nokia N900 dream alive with promise of open hardware

Once upon a time, before Nokia joined forces with Microsoft, the company produced a line of high-end smartphones designed to run the open source Maemo Linux operating system. Those days are long gone, but some folks are keeping the dream alive — and hoping to raise funds to build an unofficial successor to the last […]