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Microsoft lets Office 365 users buy more OneDrive storage, protect some files in a “Personal Vault”

As cloud storage solutions go, Microsoft’s OneDrive isn’t a bad deal — you get 15GB of storage for free, or you can pay $2 per month you for 50GB. And if you sign up for an Office 365 subscription you get 1TB of online storage for as little as $70 per year… not to mention […]

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Google Drive desktop app is turning into a full-fledged Backup and Sync tool

Google has announced that it’s updating its Google Drive application for Mac and PC and merging it with the Google Photos desktop uploader tool. The new app is called Backup and Sync from Google, and it should be available starting June 28th. One of the biggest changes? It’ll let you choose any set of folders […]

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Amazon kills unlimited Cloud Drive storage plan, now offers 1TB for $60 per year

A little over two years ago Amazon began offering unlimited Cloud Drive storage to customers who paid $60 per year. Now the company is ending that offer. Starting today, any customer who signs up for Cloud Drive storage will be able to opt for 100GB for $12 per year or 1TB for $60 per year. […]

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Amazon Cloud Drive now offers unlimited storage for $60 per year (or just photos for $12)

Amazon’s Cloud Drive is an online storage locker service that lets anyone upload up to 5GB of files for free. Have an Amazon Prime membership? Last year Amazon launched unlimited photo storage for Prime members. Want cheap storage, but don’t want to pay $99 per year for a Prime subscription? Now there are two more options: […]

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Amazon launches Cloud Drive API for third-party app developers

Amazon Cloud Drive provides users with online storage for photos, music, and other files. Anyone can get 5GB of cloud storage for free and Amazon recently began offering unlimited photo storage as part of Amazon Prime Photos. Now Amazon is offering developers a way to tap into its cloud storage with Cloud Drive API. This […]

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Microsoft OneDrive users get up to 30GB of cloud storage for free (for now)

Microsoft lets anyone get up to 15GB of free cloud storage when they register for the company’s OneDrive service. But through the end of September you can double that amount for no extra charge. When you install the OneDrive app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Windows and enable the camera roll function to automatically […]

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Google Drive to offer 5GB of online storage for free?

Google is expected to launch an online file storage service soon called Google Drive. Actually, Google was expected to launch it several years ago, but the project kept getting put on hold or canceled… until now. Maybe. There have been numerous reports recently that Google could launch its Google Drive service this year. Now the […]