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Daily Deals (11-10-2021)

OnePlus is running a series of pre-Black Friday sales with deep discounts on recent phones. Today’s deal? You can pick up a OnePlus 8 smartphone for $299. Use the coupon code NovoP8 at checkout, and you can knock another $50 off the price. The only catch is that you’ll need to pick up a T-Mobile […]

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Android 11 Beta now available for OnePlus 8 phones, coming to more devices soon

A day after Google released Android 11 Beta for Pixel 2 and later smartphones, it’s now available for the first non Pixel phones. If you have a OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone, you can now download an Android 11 Beta image from the OnePlus website. Google is on track to release Android 11 this […]

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OnePlus 8 is a cheaper, smaller flagship (with a 6.55 inch, 90Hz display)

The new OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone announced today is a 6.78 inch phone with a 120 Hz display and flagship class specs. But the folks at OnePlus say the new OnePlus 8 is also a flagship phone. It’s just a smaller phone (with slightly less impressive specs). The new OnePlus 8 has a 6.55 inch AMOLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon […]

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Smartphone displays: OnePlus is moving to 120 Hz, Xiaomi and Nubia looking to 144 Hz

Last year OnePlus launched its first smartphone with a 90 Hz display. This year the company is going a step further and introducing a 120 Hz display that the company says is smoother, brighter, and offers a number of new features. This will likely be the display used in the OnePlus 8, or whatever the […]