Omate is building an Amazon Alexa-powered robot (crowdfunding)

After building a smartwatch with support for Amazon’s Alexa voice service, Omate is taking the next (il)logical step and building an Alexa-powered, voice-controlled robot. It’s called the Yumi, and Omate will be running a crowdfunding campaign for the project starting November 15th. During the campaign on Indiegogo you’ll be able to reserve a Yumi robot […]

Omate Rise 3G smartwatch adds Amazon Alexa support, new Limited Edition hits Indieogogo

The Omate Rise is a smartwatch with a round display, an Android-based operating system, and support for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G cellular data. Omate ran a crowdfunding campaign for the watch last year and began shipping the Omate Rise earlier in 2016. Now the company has announced that the Omate Rise is getting a new feature: […]

Omate Rise is a 3G Android smartwatch priced at $199 and up (crowdfunding)

Omate has been producing smartwatches running Google Android software since before Google actually launched a version of Android optimized for wearables. Now the company is getting ready to launch a new model called the Omate Rise. It’s a round watch with a 1.3 inch, 360 x 360 pixel touchscreen display, support for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, […]

Wearables: Withings, Omate, Polar launch new smartwatches, fitness trackers

Just in case you weren’t sure wearable would be ubiquitous at CES this year, three companies unveiled new smartwatches and fitness trackers just hours ahead of the official start of the show. Polar has a new fitness tracking watch, Withings has a cheaper alternative to the stylish Activité watch/activity tracker, and Omate is adding two new watches […]

Omate TrueSmart watch finishes Kickstarter campaign with $1 million in pledges

Most companies offering so-called smartwatches are really offering watches that serve as companions to your existing smartphone. The Omate TrueSmart is designed to work as a standalone device: You can even use it to make phone calls. Or you can use it to view notifications from your phone if that’s what you’d prefer. A lot […]

Omate TrueSmart: $199 smartwatch that makes phone calls (Kickstarter)

Omate has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for its TrueSmart smartwatch. It looks like a wristwatch, but it has the guts of a smartphone — and unlike some smartwatches which only work as companions to your phone, you can actually use the TrueSmart to make phone calls. The developers started showing off the […]