One Education launches 2-in-1 Windows laptop in Australia (the modular model is on hold)

Last year an Australian group called One Education introduced the idea of a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet for students, featuring a modular design that makes it easy to upgrade or replace the screen, battery, camera, and core components including the CPU, memory, and storage. But a crowdfunding campaign  went nowhere, and now it looks like the modular […]

One Education’s Infinity modular laptop priced at $249 and up (for early birds)

One Education is an Australian organization that wants to pick up where the OLPC project left off, by developing a portable, durable, and affordable computer designed for students. Earlier this year the team unveiled plans to launch a modular laptop called the Infinity, and while it’s still very much under development, the group is taking reservations […]

XO-Infinity is a modular laptop for students, picks up where OLPC left off

The One Laptop Per Child project introduced the idea of small, low-cost, low-power durable laptops that could be used by students around the world, with a special focus on developing markets. The first XO Laptop units shipped in 2007, and over the next few years the developers improved the hardware and software… and inspired the […]

OLPC partner working on new XO Infinity laptop, possibly a modular laptop/tablet hybrid

Ink, Bits & Pixels (formerly The Digital Reader) recently tracked down some interesting information regarding One Laptop Per Child’s (OLPC) Australian partner, One Education. While the company confirms the XO Infinity is underway, less officially, the device appears to be a laptop/tablet hybrid with modular components. One Education has a page dedicated to registering for upcoming […]

Closer look at the 7 and 10 inch XO tablets (and accessories)

OLPC and Vivitar are getting ready to launch their second-generation XO tablets for students. Last year the companies introduced their first Android-powered tablet with a custom user interface emphasizing educational software. The new models feature similar software, but it’s now based on Android 4.4 KitKat. The bigger changes are in the hardware. XO tablets now […]

OLPC and Vivitar unveil new XO Tablets with 7, 10 inch screens

One Laptop Per Child and its partner Vivitar launched their first Android tablet last year. Now they’re following up with two new models, sporting 7 and 10 inch displays. Both are aimed at students, and feature educational software durable design and a kid-friendly user interface as well as access to the Google Play Store and […]