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Ignitial Tukhla will be a high-end, open hardware single board computer (developed by Olimex)

Open hardware company Olimex has announced its developing a “high end open source Linux board” for a French company called Ignitial. The upcoming Ignitial Tukhla will have an NXP iMX8 processor, support for up to 16GB of RAM, and plenty of options for storage, input, and output. What makes it an open hardware project is that […]

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Olimex Teres I is an open source, DIY laptop kit for $240

There are laptops that run open source software. And then there’s the Olimix Teres I laptop, which is not only designed to run Linux-based software, but which features open source hardware: you can find the CAD files necessary to build your own laptop at the project’s github page. In fact, even if you buy the […]

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OLinuXino A13: A tiny open source computer for under $60

Bulgarian device maker Olimex is offering a small single-board computer called the OLinuXino. At first glance it looks a lot like a Raspberry Pi, but the OLinuXino has a faster processor, more built-in input and output ports, and the developers say the project is completely open source, including the hardware and software. That means not only […]