Samsung Galaxy Tab roundup: T-Mobile launch, 10 inch, AMOLED models coming?

It’s time for your (nearly) daily dose o news about the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Everybody’s favorite tablet that’s not the iPad (or Notion Ink Adam, or you know, any tablet from a company that’s not Samsung) is now available for purchase in the US thanks to T-Mobile. You can pick up the Galaxy Tab for […]

Samsung’s crazy laptop with transparent display might ship this year

Samsung was showing off one of the coolest pieces of technology I’ve ever seen in real life at CES this year: A laptop with a fully functional semi-transparent OLED display. In other words, you can see what’s on the display, but you can also look right through the screen to see what’s behind it. The […]

Asus considers building an OLED Eee PC

Asus has been keeping pretty busy at CeBIT, what with launching a new ultrathin netbook, showing off a new Eee Keyboard, EeeNAS, and other devices including a dual screen notebook. But the company isn’t done innovating. Not by a long shot. According to The Register, Asus CEO Jonney Shih also mentioned today that the company […]