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CrossOver is bringing Office 2013 support to Chromebooks

CrossOver Android is a utility that makes it possible to run some Windows software on Android devices with Intel processors. The developers at CodeWeavers released an initial beta last summer, and a new Tech Preview is coming soon. CodeWeavers president James Ramey says the update includes a new user interface and support for more apps […]

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Wine 2.0 brings Office 2013 support to Linux (and more)

Wine is an open source compatibility layer that allows you to run some Windows software on Linux or Mac computers. This week version 2.0 was released and, among other things, it brings support for running Office 2013 on Linux and 64-bit support for macOS. If those improvements sound familiar, that’s because they showed up in […]

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Microsoft releases Office 2013, but is reallying pushing Office 365 subscriptions

Microsoft has fingers in many pots these days, but there are still two pieces of software that most people identify with Microsoft: The Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite. The company released its latest version of Windows in October, and now the company’s new Office software is ready to go. The company made […]

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Next-gen Microsoft Office puts emphasis on touch, cloud (and subscriptions)

Microsoft is showing off the next version of its Microsoft Office suite. It’s due out next year, and Office 2013 is a major update from the versions of Office you may have been using for the last decade or longer. Touch First up, Microsoft is making all of its apps much more touch-friendly, allowing you […]