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Lilbits (12-03-2013): Attack of the (delivery) drones

Amazon surprised a lot of folks when the company unveiled plans to develop a fleet of flying drones that could deliver packages weighing 5 pounds or less to customer’s doors in a matter of minutes. But Amazon is hardly alone in this endeavor. TacoCopter wants to deliver Mexican food by air (but probably won’t be […]

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Lilbits (10-21-2013): Is Android only kinda open source?

Google’s Android operating system is open source… but many of the apps that make Android what it is are not. The Gmail app, Google Play Store, Google Play Music, YouTube, Google Maps — they’re closed source. Over the past year or two, Google has started offering many of these apps for download from the Play […]

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OCZ drops out of the RAM market to focus on SSDs

OCZ Technology has announced that it will stop producing computer memory, instead focusing on solid state disk storage. The company will exit the DRAM module space by February 28th. While OCZ isn’t exactly a household name, the company makes pretty well-respected computer products including desktop and laptop memory, SSDs, power supplies, flash drives, and peripherals. […]