Oculus Rift S is a higher-res VR headset with inside-out tracking (for $399)

The Oculus Rift was arguably the headset that really kicked off the modern virtual reality boom. But it’s been nearly three years since the original Rift started shipping. Now the Facebook-owned Oculus has partnered with Lenovo to design a new model called the Oculus Rift S. It’s designed to be more comfortable. It supports inside-out […]

Oculus unveils standalone VR headsets with starting prices of $199

The Oculus Rift was one of the first virtual reality headsets aimed at mainstream users (or at least gamers). But like most high-power headsets, the Oculus Rift is expensive and complicated: even after price cuts, it sells for $399 and needs to connect to a powerful PC with wires. Now Facebook is introducing a new […]

Now Facebook hopes a $200 Oculus standalone headset will make VR mainstream (leaks)

A few years ago the next-big-thing in tech was 3D TV. For a year or two pretty much every display maker was showing off a 3D television at the Consumer Electronics Show. This year I didn’t see any. By that measure, virtual reality is already a big success story. Not only are there a bunch […]

Samsung Gear VR with controller coming in April for $129

Samsung’s latest Gear VR headset is launching alongside the Galaxy S8 smartphone, and the new model comes with one key new feature: a wireless controller. The next-gen Gear VR basically features the same hardware as the previous model, but it’ll be available with a controller starting April 21st for $130. The headset works a lot […]

Samsung’s new Gear VR headset comes with motion controller

Samsung was one of the first companies to launch a headset that turns some of its smartphones into virtual reality devices. But Google recently one-upped Samsung with the launch of the Daydream View which features a headset and a motion controller to make it easier to interact with VR apps. Samsung’s response? A new Gear VR […]

Oculus Rift VR headset now works with cheaper gaming PCs (around $500)

When the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset first launched, the $600 VR system required a $1000+ gaming computer to work, making the price of entry pretty steep… and that’s even before the launch of the $200 Oculus Touch controllers. But now Facebook-owned Oculus has launched a new technology that makes it possible to use Rift […]

Hulu launches app for Samsung Gear VR

Oculus, HTC, and Sony may be pushing virtual reality as the next big thing in gaming. But the VR device you may already own is your smartphone: all you need is a headset to drop it into. Google says more than 5 million of its Cardboard-style headsets have been shipped to date, and Samsung continues […]

Oculus Rift VR headset ships in April for $599 (pre-orders are open now)

After months of buildup, Oculus is finally taking pre-orders for its virtual reality headset. The Oculus Rift should begin shipping in March, and you can order one today for $599. That makes this virtual reality device more expensive than some PCs. But this will be one of the first high-end VR accessories to hit the market […]