MediaTek MT8183 octa-core chip coming soon (to Chromebooks?)

Chip maker MediaTek already offers a range of solutions for smartphones, tablets, and… other devices. There are also a handful of Chromebooks powered by MediaTek’s MT8173 quad-core processor. Now it looks like there’s a new MT8183 octa-core chip that could be used in upcoming Chromebooks, among other products. The folks at xda-developers noticed some code […]

Zero Devices Z8C is a TV box with an Allwinner A80 octa-core CPU

Zero Devices plans to launch one of the first TV box/mini PC devices featuring Allwinner’s new 8-core processor. The Zero Devices Z8C sports an Allwinner A80 processor, support for USB 3.0, HDMI and SPDIF output, and more. The Allwinner A80 processor features 4 ARM Cortex-A15 CPU cores, 4 ARM Cortex-A7 cores, and PowerVR G6230 graphics […]

Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 is a 6 inch, 8-core smartphone

Alcatel OneTouch will begin selling a 6 inch smartphone with a full HD display and a MediaTek MT6592 octa-core processor this month. The Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 is a big phone with a big 3100mAh battery, and it comes with a digital pen. In other words, like many big screen phones on the market, it seems […]

HTC to reveal its first 64-bit smartphone

Android phones with 64-bit ARM chips are coming. That’s not a big surprise, since mobile chip makers have been unveiling 64-bit processors left and right and Apple’s iPhone 5s already has a 64-bit processor. But apparently the time for Android phones with 64-bit chips based on ARMv8 architecture is almost upon us… HTC has confirmed […]

MediaTek launches 64-bit, octa-core smartphone chip

As expected, Chinese chip maker MediaTek has unveiled its first 8-core, 64-bit processor for smartphones. But that’s not all. The company has also revealed that it’s new chips can support super slow motion video recording and high resolution displays with fast screen refresh rates. The MediaTek MT6795 processor is the company’s most powerful chip to […]

Report: MediaTek MT6795 chip is a 64-bit, 8-core powerhouse

Chinese chip maker MediaTek is planning to launch several new smartphone and tablet processors by year’s end. If recently leaked specs are anything to go by, the MT6795 will be one to watch. The chip is expected to be a 64-bit, octa-core processor with clock speeds up to 2.2 GHz. Other features include Imagination PowerVR […]