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Intel Atom Clover Trail chips for tablets due in second half of 2012

Intel has announced that it’s on track to release its Clover Trail processor platform in the second half of 2012… right around the time that Microsoft plans to release Windows 8. The low power x86 processors will succeed the Atom Z670 Oak Trail chips that have been out since last year. Clover Trail processors are […]

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1.7 GHz Intel Atom Z690 Oak Trail processor makes a surprise appearance

Razer is showing off a new version of the Switchblade portable gaming concept powered by a new Intel Atom chip that Intel hasn’t actually gotten around to announcing yet. Razer has been showing off a prototypes of the Switchblade with a 7 inch display and customizable touch-sensitive buttons instead of a standard keyboard since CES […]

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Oak Trail tablets could get longer battery life with Android, MeeGo

Evolve III introduced a triple boot tablet earlier this year called the Maestro that could run Windows, Android, and Maemo Linux. Now the company is pitching an updated model called the Maestro S which moves from an Intel Atom N475 Pine Trail processor to a new Intel Atom Oak Trail chip, making the Maestro S […]

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Android tablet with Intel Atom chip benchmarked, found wanting

In a completely unfair test, the folks at spent a few minutes running benchmarks on an Android tablet prototype with an Intel Atom Oak Trail chip. Intel started showing off early models of these tablets at the Computex trade show in Taiwan this week, but they’re nowhere near ready for prime time and the […]

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Taiwanese rumors: Acer building Oak Trail Android tablet, Toshiba kills Chromebook plans

The folks at DigiTimes have a habit of digging up unofficial news about upcoming gadgets by talking to parts suppliers in Taiwan. Today the web site has two major scoops, one about Acer and the other about Toshiba — although neither story has been confirmed. Acer is reportedly planning to offer a tablet with an […]

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Intel: 10 new Atom tablets coming to Computex

Chip-maker Intel says it will show off 10 new tablet at the Computex trade show starting on May 31st. The Wall Street Journal first published the news, but the paper doesn’t provide many details about those tablets, other than the fact that they’ll sport Intel chips. It’s probably safe to assume that some, if not […]