Qualcomm to acquire NXP for $47 billion

When chip maker NXP Semiconductors acquired Freescale last year, the goal was to create a combined company worth $40 billion and produce chips for cars, mobile devices, and a wide range of smart, connected devices. Now rival Qualcomm has announced plans to acquire NXP for $47 billion. To put things another way, the second largest […]

NXP’s 64-bit i.MX8 chips coming in Q1, 2017

After years in development, NXP is finally getting ready to launch its i.MX8 processor family. NXP is the company that acquired Freescale in 2015, and i.MX8 are the 64-bit, ARMv8 chips that Freescale started talking about more than 3 years ago. More information about the new chips started to come out earlier this year, but […]

NXP/Freescale’s 64-bit i.MX 8 chips are finally coming

It’s been almost three years since chip maker Freescale announced plans to launch its first 64-bit processors. A lot has changed in that time: among other things, Freescale is now owned by NXP. But work on those new chips has been continuing, and now it looks like the first NXP i.MX 8 processors are just […]

Chip maker NXP buys Freescale

NXP Seminconductors is buying Freescale Semincoductor in a deal that the company says will create a $40 billion company once the merger is complete. NXP is best known for producing chips used in the automotive industry, but the company also produces NFC chips used in devices like the iPhone 6. Freescale’s processors are used in […]