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While we wait for Tegra 2-based products, NVIDIA sets sights on Tegra 3

NVIDIA’s Tegra platform combines a low power ARM-based chip with a high performance graphics processor. This allows low power devices such as smartphones, portable media players, tablets, or handheld game consoles to handle HD video playback and 3D gaming without killing the battery too quickly. But as cool as the Tegra chipset is, it hasn’t […]

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Toradex introduces NVIDIA Tegra 2 module on a RAM-sized stick

If you took one look at the picture above and figured you were looking at a stick of laptop memory, I wouldn’t blame you. The new system from Toradex certainly looks like RAM SODIMM. But it’s actually a fully functional computer with an NVIDIA Tegra graphcis processor and a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9-based dual core […]

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Toshiba AC100-114: 10 inch netbook with Google Android 2.1?

It looks like Toshiba may be planning to enter the smartbook space with the Toshiba AC100-114 mini-laptop. While I suspect that the device might get a catchier name by the time it’s launched, the specs are already pretty catchy if you ask me. Blogeee reports that the smartbook will feature an NVIDIA Tegra procesosr and […]

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NVIDIA CEO implies Google Android tablet edition is on its way

Consumer electronics companies have been slapping Google Android on tablet-style computers since last year — but there are still very few Android tablets available for purchase in the US and Europe, despite dozens of devices showing up in China and at trade shows including CES earlier this year. And that’s largely because the operating system […]

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Dell Looking Glass tablet with Android, Tegra, and TV tuner coming this Fall

The upcoming Dell Streak 5 tablet is already a pretty droolworthy gadget, combining some of the best features of a Google Android smartphone with the larger display of a portable media player. But the folks at Engadget got their hands on some leaked information about an even more impressive tablet from Dell that should be […]