Nearly 15 million Nintendo Switches are now hackable (other NVIDIA Tegra X1 devices too)

Earlier this year hackers started to show evidence of an exploit that allowed you to load custom software on a Nintendo Switch game console. Theoretically that opens the door for homebrew applications, modified games, or even running an alternate operating system such as a GNU/Linux distribution on Nintendo’s latest game system. It could also make […]

Unreleased NVIDIA Shield Portable 2 game device found in a pawn shop

NVIDIA has released a handful of Android-powered gaming devices over the past few years. The company’s Shield brand of devices includes Shield tablets, the Shield TV box, and a device that’s now called the Shield Portable, but which was just called the NVIDIA Shield when it was launched, since it was the first device to wear […]

Closer look at the 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV

NVIDIA’s second-gen Shield TV has the same processor, memory, and storage as the original. But it comes in a body that’s 40 percent smaller and comes in a $199 bundle that includes the Shield, a remote control, and a game controller. The first generation model shipped without the remote, which needed to be purchased separately. […]

NVIDIA launches Jetson TX1 system-on-a-module for robots, drones, other low-power autonomous PCs

Last year NVIDIA launched the Jetson TK1 developer kit for folks interested in designing products using the company’s Tegra K1 processor. This year NVIDIA is going a bit further. As you might expect, there’s a new developer kit based on the Tegra X1 processor, and it’s called the Jetson TX1. But once you’ve designed a […]

Chromebooks with NVIDIA Tegra X1 chips on the way?

NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 processor is a 64-bit, processor based on an ARM Cortex-A57/Cortex-A53 architecture and featuring NVIDIA’s 256-core “Maxwell” graphics. It’s designed for use in a range of hardware including automotive systems, game consoles, and possibly handheld gaming devices. It might also show up in next-gen Chromebooks. CNX Software reports that Chromium OS developers have been adding […]

NVIDIA Tegra X1: octa-core chip with 256-core Maxwell graphics

Last year NVIDIA introduced a mobile processor with 192-core Kepler graphics. This year the company’s stepping up its game with the Tegra X1 chip. It’s a 64-bit, 8-core mobile processor with 256-core Maxwell graphics: the same graphics technology used in the desktop and notebook graphics chips NVIDIA introduced in 2014. NVIDIA says the processor can […]