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NVIDIA Tegra Note update brings Android 4.3 plus stylus, camera improvements

NVIDIA may be partnering with companies like EVGA, Gigabyte, and Zotac to distribute and sell Tegra Note 7 tablets. But software updates come straight from NVIDIA — and now the company is rolling out one of the first major updates. The over-the-air update brings new camera and stylus features, and updates the software from Android […]

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Lilbits (12-13-2013): Emulating an Amiga 500 in your browser

Google’s Portable Native Client is software that lets a web app use your computer’s hardware much the way that a native app would do — and this allows you to develop web games, services, and even more complex software that acts like something that would normally run straight from your PC, not a web browser. […]

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Lilbits (12-06-2013): Cheapest. Samsung. Tablet. Ever.

Samsung offers phones and tablets in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and soon the company may also expand its horizons by extending its price range to cover “dirt cheap.” The folks at SamMobile report that Samsung may be working on cheaper versions of its phones including a Galaxy Note 3 Lite and Galaxy Grant […]