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Lilbits (2-24-2014): WhatsApp gets vocal

Cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp has about 450 million users, which is one of the key reasons Facebook is spending a whopping $19 billion to acquire the company. So what’s next for the chat app? Voice. Just as WhatsApp has largely replaced SMS for many users, the company could eventually be a big player in the […]

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NVIDIA introduces Tegra 4i smartphone chip (Tegra 4-lite)

NVIDIA is launching two new chips today. The first is the NVIDIA i500 LTE modem which is the company’s first 4G LTE modem. But the second is a complete mobile processor with built-in support for 4G LTE mobile broadband. That chip is called the NVIDIA Tegra 4i, and it’s a smartphone processor that offers a […]