What to expect from the HP Slatebook 14 Android notebook (probably)

The HP SlateBook 14 is an upcoming notebook with a 14 inch screen, an NVDIA Tegra processor, and Android software. HP hasn’t officially launched the notebook yet, but a promotional video spilled the beans when it popped up on the company website last month. It’s since been removed. But now a handful of stores are […]

FunBox Android game console with Tegra 4 available for $159 (unofficially)

The FunBox is a Chinese video game console with an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, and an Android-based operating system. Developed by ZTE and The9, the FunBox launched in China recently, and now it’s available internationally for $159… if you don’t mind ordering from a reseller at retail marketplace AliExpress. The box is powered […]

Mad Catz thinks you’ll spend $250 on an Android-powered game console

Gaming accessory maker Mad Catz knows the PC gaming business pretty well, so the company made headlines this summer when it announced plans to launch its own Android-powered game console.  Now that the company has revealed the specs and price though, I’m kind of wondering why you wouldn’t just buy an Xbox 360… it’d save […]