This is what XBMC looks like on the $99 Ouya game console (and it looks good)

The Ouya $99 video game console should begin shipping soon. It’s designed to be an inexpensive box for playing Android games in the living room — but it can also function as a cheap media center. Ouya’s developers announced last year that the device would support the popular XBMC media center app, and now one […]

Ouya releases SDK for $99 game console, shows off developer-edition hardware

Now that Ouya is shipping the first developer kits of its upcoming $99 Android-based video game console, the company has opened a software developer portal, launched a software developer kit, and shown off an early preview of the user interface. The Ouya team has also posted an unboxing video, giving us a good look at the […]

Are iPad’s A5x graphics really 4x faster than NVIDIA Tegra 3?

When Apple unveiled its the third generation iPad earlier this month, the company made the bold claim that the new tablet’s new Apple A5x processor offers 4 times the graphics performance available from NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor, which is one of the fastest chips available for Android phones and tablets. NVIDIA expressed some skepticism at […]

NVIDIA shows Windows 8 running on a Tegra-based tablet – video

It’s been a year since Microsoft announced that Windows 8 would run on devices with ARM-based processors as well as computers with x86 chips. But while a Windows 8 developer preview has been available for months, it currently only runs on x86 chips. Today NVIDIA showed off a tablet with a Tegra 3 quad-core processor […]

Report: Lenovo’s quad-core tablet coming in early 2012

There’s not much doubt at this point that Lenovo is working on a new tablet with a quad-core processor. Engadget scored some details (and photos) of the upcoming tablet last month, and then some leaked benchmarks hit the web. Now DigiTimes reports we may not have to wait much longer for the tablet to hit […]