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Lilbits (7-22-2013): CyanogenMod Nemesis, NVIDIA Shield, KDE Vivaldi etc

Don’t like the version of Android that came with your phone or tablet? Don’t worry, there’s a good chance you can unlock the bootloader and replace it with custom firmware — and CyanogenMod makes some of the most popular, most stable custom ROMs around. So when the team posts a cryptic video about an upcoming […]

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Lilbits (6-26-2013): Chromebooks with Haswell chips on the way?

When the first Chromebooks hit the market, they were powered by Intel Atom chips designed to keep prices relatively low, battery life relatively long, and performance relatively poor. OK, that last bit might have been the unintended consequence of going with Atom rather than a goal. But Google recently showed that Chromebooks don’t have to […]

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NVIDIA Shield ship date pushed back to July (handheld gaming)

NVIDIA has announced that its handheld gaming console will ship next month. The NVIDIA Shield had originally been slated to ship starting June 27th, but the company says it discovered a “mechanical issue” during quality assurance testing. The company wants to resolve that problem before delivering units to customers — and that’s probably for the […]

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NVIDIA Shield gaming handheld coming June 27th for $299

NVIDIA has announced that its Tegra 4-powered handheld gaming console will be available June 27th. The company’s also shaving $50 off the price. It’ll sell for $299 instead of the previously announced price of $349. Update: The launch has been pushed back to July. The Shield is basically a 5 inch Android table tacked onto […]

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Lilbits (6-11-2013): Multi-screen, multi-player mobile gaming with Chrome

Think apps that run in a web browser can’t be as powerful as native apps? Google begs to differ. To show off some of the latest features baked into the Chrome web browser, Google developed a game called Racer which lets you send race cars across a track… and that track can span multiple smartphones […]

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NVIDIA Shield isn’t just for gaming… it’s also an awkwardly shaped Android tablet (video)

NVIDIA’s Shield handheld gaming console is expected to ship by the end of the month. The $349 device features a 5 inch, 720p display connected to an Xbox-style game controller. It runs Android, and it’s designed first and foremost to be a portable gaming system. But you can also use it as a general-purpose Android […]

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NVIDIA Shield handheld gaming console hits the FCC, ships by June 30th

NVIDIA’s Shield made a stop at the FCC this week on its way to store shelves. NVIDIA started taking pre-orders for its first handheld gaming console a few weeks ago, and it’s expected to ship to customers by the end of June. While the FCC documents don’t tell us much we didn’t already know, there […]

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NVIDIA starts taking pre-orders for SHIELD handheld game console

NVIDIA’s SHIELD handheld game console is a portable gaming system which looks like a 5 inch display tacked onto an Xbox-style controller. It’s powered by a Tegra 4 processor, runs Google Android, and has a 720p display. While NVIDIA had planned to open general pre-orders for the SHIELD next week, the company’s moved the date […]

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NVIDIA opens pre-orders for SHIELD $349 handheld game console

NVIDIA’s SHIELD is a handheld game console with a Tegra 4 quad-core processor, a 5 inch display, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. The company introduced Project Shield at CES earlier this year, and now NVIDIA has announced a price and has started taking pre-orders. Folks who registered for the newsletter at can […]

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NVIDIA introduces Project Shield: Handheld gaming system with Tegra 4

NVIDIA has been producing graphics cards for hard-core gamers for years. But now the company is introducing its first gaming console: a 5 inch handheld gaming system code-named Project Shield. It features an NVIDIA Tegra 4 quad-core processor, a 5 inch 720p touchscreen display, and a built-in game controller. The system runs stock Google Android […]