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NVIDIA Shield 2 game console could have Tegra K1, 4GB of RAM

NVIDIA’s next handheld gaming device could feature the company’s new Tegra K1 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a higher-resolution display. The company started selling the original NVIDIA Shield handheld game console in mid-2013. I features a Tegra 4 processor, a 5 inch touchscreen display, and a built-in game controller that looks a bit like an […]

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NVIDIA Shield cloud gaming beta: Streams PC games over the internet

One of the things that sets the NVIDIA Shield handheld game console apart from other portable Android devices (aside from the built-in game controller) is the ability to stream PC games over a network. Up until now you’ve been able to do that by loading PC games on a computer with an NVIDIA graphics cards […]

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NVIDIA Shield now streams PC games to TV at 1080p

NVIDIA’s Shield handheld game console may have hit the streets in July, but NVIDIA keeps improving the device with software updates. In October the company rolled out button-mapping software to let you use the game controller buttons with Android games that normally require touchscreen input and improved features for letting you stream content from your […]

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NVIDIA Shield upated with “Console Mode,” button-mapping for touchscreen games

NVIDA’s Shield is a $300 handheld game console that looks like an Xbox controller with a 5 inch display tacked on. It can run pretty much any game designed for Android — but since most games are designed for touchscreens, a lot of those titles can be kind of tricky to play with a physical […]

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Lilbits (10-18-2013): Ubuntu on phones, PC games on your TV

Ubuntu 13.10 hit the streets this week, and it’s the first release to officially support phones and tablets as well as traditional PCs. The Ubuntu Touch software is still pretty rough around the edges — there aren’t many apps, it’s not the most stable mobile OS, you can’t run desktop apps on an external display […]

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Lilbits (9-05-2013): Lenovo’s done with Windows RT

Lenovo is the latest company that seems to be washing its hands of Windows RT. When Microsoft announced it was working on a version of its desktop operating system that would run on low-power ARM-based processors, it was pretty big news. ARM chips were dominating the smartphone and tablet space at the time (and still […]

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NVIDIA Shield portable game console is hackable: NVIDIA releases source code

NVIDIA’s Shield is a handheld gaming system that runs the open source Android 4.2 operating system. But there’s open source, and then there’s open source. Most Android phone and tablet makers only release as much source code as they have to by law (usually based on any changes they make to the kernel, for instance), […]