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Lilbits: Modular laptops, Google’s foldable “Pixel Notepad,” and open-spec single-board computers

The Framework Laptop is a thin and light notebook with a 13.5 inch, 256 x 1504 pixel display, an Intel Tiger Lake processor, and a modular design that makes the computer not only versatile and repairable, but also hackable — because folks have been designing their own custom expansion modules that do more than just […]

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NVIDIA Shield software update brings Android 11 and 4K HDR cloud gaming

The NVIDIA Shield TV continues to be one of the most powerful Android TV devices close to seven years after the first model was released. It’s also one of the longest-supported Android devices to date. While NVIDIA has released a few hardware refreshes over the years, the company continues to push software updates for all models, […]

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Lilbits: Apple is worth $2 trillion, hard drive failure rates, and the US vs. Huawei

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Apple is basically a money-making machine these days thanks to a combination of sales of popular hardware and control of an ecosystem that allows the company to take a cut of sales of apps, games, music, videos, eBooks, and other content. But Apple became a […]

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NVIDIA launches new Shield TV streamers with Tegra X1+ chips (a few days after people started buying them)

There’s no shortage of ways to stream Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube to a TV — Amazon, Google, and Roku all offer devices that let you do it for around $30 – $40. But NVIDIA’s Shield TV line of devices have long been some of the best options for power users, thanks to their high-performance processors, […]

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Someone bought NVIDIA’s unannounced Shield TV Pro at a Best Buy

NVIDIA hasn’t officially announced it yet, but the company is updating its Shield TV line of Android TV devices. We already knew that thanks to a couple of leaked product listings that showed up online last week for a $200 NVIDIA Shield TV Pro and a someones$150 Shield TV with a brand new design. Those […]

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NVIDIA’s new entry-level Shield TV leaked (similar specs, smaller package)

Apparently NVIDIA’s got two new Shield TV devices on the way. This morning we learned that the $200 Shield TV Pro was coming soon, with a faster processor, support for Bluetooth 5.0 and Dolby Vision, and a new remote control. But it looks like there’s a new non-Pro version as well. The new NVIDIA Shield TV has the […]

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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro with faster Tegra X1+ coming soon for $200

It looks like the leaks/rumors were true. NVIDIA is updating its Shield TV with a new model sporting a faster processor, a new remote control, and a few other improvements. We’re still waiting for an official announcement from NVIDIA, but the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is up for pre-order from Amazon for $200 with an […]

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NVIDIA brings Android P to the Shield TV (a 4-year-old Android TV box)

The NVIDIA Shield TV was released in early 2015, but it’s still one of the best Android TV boxes around… both because of hardware that’s stood the test of time and NVIDIA’s track record of offering regular software updates that bring new features to the platform. When the Shield TV first shipped, it ran a […]

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Daily Deals (11-21-2018)

‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through the web, retailers were running Black Friday deals because time is a meaningless concept. Anyway, if you’re in the market for a media streaming device, today’s a good day to pick one up — Amazon is selling Fire TV devices for as little as $25. Roku’s Streaming […]